The School must be informed in writing if your child is to be absent from School or needs to leave the School premises before the end of the School day. 

If your child needs to leave the School premises before the end of School/during the School day, he/she must be collected by an adult. 

After an absence of even half a day, a letter explaining the reason for the absence must be brought into School. This has to be recorded in the Register. Your child’s attendance at School is recorded on his/her Annual Report. 

If your child returns to School after an absence without a letter explaining the absence, then this is recorded as an unauthorised absence. Each School is required to submit details of unauthorised absences to the Department for Education and Skills. 
Immediate notice must be given to the School of any infectious or contagious illness occurring at home. 

Children should not be taken on holidays during term time except in exceptional circumstances, and with prior permission from the Governors. A Leave of Absence Form is available from the School office.