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 “The more you know about the past , the better you are prepared for the future.”

Theodore Roosevelt


At St. Martin of Porres we want we want History to fire children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world and help them to understand the diversity of human experience. History is important as it provides children with the opportunities to empathise with others, argue a point of view and reach their own conclusions - essential skills that are prized in adult life. Therefore, we aim for a high-quality history curriculum that has been carefully designed and sequenced to equip our children with a secure, coherent knowledge of British, local and world history. Curriculum content is knowledge and vocabulary rich, in a sequenced chronological order, allowing children to develop their understanding of abstract concepts as they move through school.

Within History, children will use high quality fiction and non-fiction texts to learn about key features of events and about the lives of people living in different periods. First-hand learning experiences such as educational visits will be used to enrich children’s learning of history and promote awe and wonder. Where possible, the local area and our local community will be used as a source to find out about the past. During the teaching of History, children will develop compassion and respect for the lives of those living in the past.