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Music Lessons

Music lessons are available in School through the Haringey Music Service.  

If you would like your child to start instrumental lessons in school, they will need to be added to a waiting list.   Once a space becomes available, or there is enough demand to start a new lesson, you will receive an invoice from Haringey.

The invoice will show the name of the teacher and any reductions which you may be able to apply for.  Your child’s name will be entered on the register when you have replied with appropriate payment, and/or proof of eligibility for reductions.  Haringey Music Service monitors the waiting list and keeps it as short as possible.

Many of the lessons don’t begin until pupils are in Year 2.  You are still welcome to apply if your children are younger, but they may remain on the waiting list until they reach a suitable age.

Please go to the Haringey Music Service website here for more information on what instruments they currently offer lessons on and the current costs.