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GSO Test

GSO Test

Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted Parent View Survey - February 2023

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Our school was inspected in February 2023 and was judged to be a GOOD school.

 Read our report and find out more details here.

  "This is a friendly school where everyone knows your name.  They are taught to be respectful and kind towards everyone. This is lived out in this caring and nurturing environment where a strong culture of respect permeates working relationships between pupils and adults."

"Pupils are kept safe and feel safe at school. If they have any concerns, they know they can speak to adults who will help them.  Pupils behave well. This is because leaders have high expectations of them"

"Parents and carers are positive about the school. One parent commented: ‘This is a loving community school where the teachers are very nurturing.’ This was a view shared by many.."

Leaders have designed a well-thought-out curriculum which identifies the knowledge and skills that pupils are expected to learn. To enrich pupils’ learning, leaders have built into the curriculum an interesting range of wider experiences.

The curriculum is sequenced so that pupils build their understanding over time ....... Teachers check how well pupils understand what they have learned. Errors or misconceptions are identified and addressed. Staff provide effective support for any pupils who fall behind so that they catch up quickly. Leaders are committed to ensuring that pupils with SEND access the same curriculum as their peers

Diocese of Westminster (Section 48) Inspection

R.E. Inspection (2018)  Westminster Diocese Canonical Report (R.E. Report) Section 48

This inspection reviews and evaluates how effective the school is in providing Catholic education. The school was inspected on 7th March 2018.


Catholic Life of the School - Outstanding

Classroom Religious Education - Good

 Download a copy of this report here.

"The leadership and management have been outstandingly effective in promoting the Catholic Life of the school.  Alongside the policy of improving the religious education there has also been a concerted strategy to make the Catholic nature of the school more explicit.  Pupils were confident in explaining to us how the school helped them to understand and follow their religious identity.  The leadership of the school, by the support it has given to many initiatives for outreach for the pupils to put the teachings of Jesus into practice, has achieved a sense of church that the pupils displayed and were articulate about.  The governing body has been unswerving in its support of the headteacher and leadership team in taking forward this raising of the place of Catholicity in the life of the school."