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School Building Fund

Most parents decide to send their children to a Catholic school because they know that their child will be educated in a Catholic environment.

The quality of our schools has also been recognised by the Government and they have been granted 'voluntary aided' status.  What this means is that, although the schools are in the state system, we can retain our traditions and organise the schools on the basis of the teachings of the Church.  In return, however, we are required by law to raise 10% of the cost of developing and maintaining the school buildings.

Parents are therefore asked to contribute to the upkeep of the St Martin of Porres  estate through the School Building Fund each year so that the buildings and classrooms look smart and fit for purpose.

As a guide it is suggested that all families kindly make a voluntary contribution of £3 per month per child or £5 per month per family.  However contributions are voluntary and we acknowledge that every amount each family contributes depends on individual circumstances.  Even a small donation is appreciated.

Each school has its own bank account with the School Building Fund and every penny that is raised for the Fund by the school is paid into this account.  This is available whenever St Martin of Porres needs it to cover the 10%.  This means that the work can be undertaken by the school when it is needed.

If you pay tax in the UK, you can add an extra 28% on your contribution with the Gift Aid scheme which makes a difference.  For example if you made an annual contribution of £100 the school will receive an additional tax refund of £28 making a total contribution of £128.  This works out as 28p on each £1 you contribute providing the present tax rates remain unchanged.

It would be helpful if parents made contributions by Standing Order.  Online payments are available on School Money.  The contribution defaults to £60.00 a term but this can be changed if need be to whatever you can afford each term.

Gift Aid and Standing Order Forms are available on request from the School Office and can be downloaded from the 'Forms' section of this website under 'Parents'.

Thank you!