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School Council 

All children can access the School Council through regular class meetings to discuss ideas about how they can improve the school. Each year group has two representatives who are elected by the class to represent them on the School Council. The representatives attend School Council meetings where they voice the opinions of their class. Decisions are made and actions are taken, the representatives then feedback the information to their class. The children undertake an annual questionnaire so that they have the opportunity to give us feedback on every aspect of the school. We refer to this when we plan developments for the school.

School Council 2023 - 2024




The School Council Aims for this academic year are -

  • raise money to buy new things for the school

  • make our school more eco friendly

  • raise money for charity

  • listen to all pupil's views



As a reward for their hard work the School Council (2018-2019) went to visit the Houses of Parliament and met Boris Johnson at the gate!

School Council with Boris