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GSO Test

Home School Packs for Year 4

Please make sure you have downloaded the app and keep an eye on the website for any changes/additions which will be added in red and dated. 


P.E. every morning at 9.00am - PE With Joe is available at Joe Wicks’ channel The Body Coach TV

  Websites used by the School/Pupils


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Wednesday 13th May 2020 - The school is in the process of sending out the USO access for Busy Things (logo access above).  You will receive an email from the school in the next couple of days.  


Email - class4@st-martinporres.haringey.sch.uk


Year 4 Curriculum Summary - Summer 2020


Year Four

20th April 2020

Year 4 Summer Learning Grid


March 2020

Spring Term and Ongoing

Year 4 Homework Guide

Year 4 Project Grid

Year 4 Reading Challenge Cards

Year 4 Spelling Lists

Year 4 Spelling Practice Activities

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words


Please turn the following PDFs round the correct way when opened.

Comprehension 17

Comprehension 18

Comprehension 19

Comprehension 20

Comprehension 21

Comprehension 22

Comprehension 23

Comprehension 24


Decimals 10_100




Negative Numbers

Place Value



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