Key Dates
Although every effort is made not to change these dates, sometimes it is unavoidable. We will always try to give as much notice as possible.

Dates for Summer Term 2019

5th June

Year 6 visiting Natural History Museum

Year 1 Class Mass 10.45am

6th June

Year 6 Prayer Service 9.05am

7th June

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

Year 4 visit William Morris Gallery

11th June

Year 6 Parents Meeting re School journey to the Isle of Wight 8.15am

New Reception parents’ meeting 9.10am

Representatives from Year 3 and Year 4attending an Able Wirters Workshop at Our Lady of Muswell Primary School

12th June

Year 2 Prayer Service 9.05am

13th June

Reception Class to visit Willows Farm

Gardening Group to visit Hildene Court

14th June

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

Year 6 visiting the Imperial War Museum

Cake Sale: Year 2 parents to organise

17th June

New Nursery Parents’ Meeting 9.10am

Enabling Enterprise Day

19th June

Year 2 Class Mass (time tbc)

20th June

Year 4 Prayer Service 9.05am

Governors Meeting

21st June

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

EYFS Sports Morning 9.05am

KS2 Science Fair

25th June

Year 2 visiting Mountfitchit Castle and Norman Village

Year 5 visiting St Thomas More Secondary School for a taster morning tbc

26th June

Year 3 Mass to Celebrate their first Holy Communion 9.30am

27th June

Year 6 LBH VA Leavers Service St Pauls Church 1.30pm

28th June

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

29th June

Friends of St Martin of Porres Summer Fair 1.00 – 4.00pm

1st – 5th July

2nd July

Year 6 visit to the Isle of Wight

Year 5 Girls Growing Up Talk 6.00pm

3rd July

Reception Class Mass

Parents Evening 4.00 – 7.00pm

3rd and 4th July

Level 1 Bikeability Course for Year 4 pupils

4th July

Parent Partnership Meeting 9.05am

Year 5 Prayer Service 9.05am

Parents Evening 4.00 – 7.00pm

5th July

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

Cake Sale: Year 1 / Reception Class parents to organise

9th July

Year 6 Enabling Enterprise Day

Year 6 Production 6.00pm

10th July

Year 5 attending the Good Shepherd Mass at Westminster Cathedral am

Year 4 Class Mass 9.30am

Year 6 Production 6.00pm

11th July

Year 1 Prayer service 9.05am

12th July

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

17th July

Year 6 Leavers Service 2.15pm

19th July

Celebration Assembly 9.05am

Last day of the school year – school finishes at 1.30pm

22nd and 23rd July

Teacher Availability days