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Application Procedures

Applications for admission to St. Martin of Porres Catholic Primary School should be made on the 
Local Authority’s approved application form and submitted to the Local Authority by the published 
date but definitely no later than the date as published in the Haringey Information Pack, local 
newspapers and the St. Paul’s Parish Newsletters. If you do not live in Haringey, please collect the 
Common Application Form (CAF) from your local authority and return it to them by 15th January, 

At the same time, the School’s Supplementary Information Form, together with proof of the child’s 
date of birth and baptismal certificate and confirmation of residence at the time of application, ie proof of address, using utilities bill or council tax demand, should be submitted directly to the School. If you do not complete both the Council Application Form and Supplementary Information Form and return them by the closing date of 15th January, 2014, the governing body may be unable to fully consider your application and it is very unlikely that your child will be offered a place at the School. 

The Supplementary Information Form and the Diocesan Priests’ Reference Form are obtainable from 
the School. The Haringey Council Application Form and the School’s Supplementary Information 
Form is also available from Haringey Council’s offices and website and the School’s website. You 
may collect the forms from the School or contact the School and ask for them to be sent to you. The 
Diocesan Priest’s Reference Form is also available from the Diocese of Westminster website: 

Parents should note that the making of an application does not guarantee an offer of a place. All 
applicants will be considered equally as and when a vacancy occurs according to the admissions 

Visits by prospective parents to St. Martin of Porres Catholic Primary School are welcomed, but are 
not a requirement of the application process. 

Twins / triplets: where the final place is offered to a child who has other siblings applying for a place in the same school year, these siblings will also be admitted. 

Parents are advised that compulsory school age begins on the first day of the term following your 
child’s fifth birthday. Parents can request that the date their child is admitted to the School is deferred until later in the school year or until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year. 

Parents may also request a part-time placement until their child reaches compulsory school age.