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Oversubscription Criteria

Priority will be given within each category to children who will have a sibling in the School at the time of admission. 

Where there are more applications for places than the number of places available, places will be offered according to the following order of priority: 

1. Catholic ‘Looked After’ children and Catholic children who have been adopted (or made subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been ‘Looked After’.
2. Children baptised in the Catholic Faith, and who attend Mass weekly on Sundays / Saturday Evenings [see notes a) and b)]. 

3. Other baptised Catholics [see notes a) and b)]. 

4. Other ‘Looked After’ children and children who have been adopted (or made subject to residence orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been ‘Looked After’. 

5. Christians of other denominations whose parents wish them to have a Catholic education and whose application is supported by a religious leader.
6. Any other applicants. 

Where the offer of places to all the applicants in any of the sub-categories listed above would still lead to over-subscription, the places up to the admissions number will be offered to those whose home address is nearest to the School. The child’s home address is the place where the child spends more than 50% of the School week. In the event that there are two identical applications, the choice will be made by lottery. 

Distances are calculated by the Local Authority: children living closest to the School measured in a straight line from the post office address point for the child’s home, to the post office address point of the School, supplied by the Royal Mail using a computerised system. The tie break for two or more applications that live exactly the same distance from the School will be random allocation using a computerised system. 

Note a). The child’s Baptism Certificate will need to be produced together with a reference from a Priest at the Parish in which the child attends Mass. 

Note b) The term ‘Catholic’ means a member of a church in full communion with the See of Rome. This includes Eastern Catholic Churches. This will normally be evidenced for a child by a certificate of baptism in a Catholic church or a certificate of reception into the full communion of the Catholic Church. 

Note c) Sibling is a full or half brother/sister (including adopted siblings) living at the same address for more than 50% of the school week..

Parents should be advised that for the past five years, all places have been filled with children from the Oversubscription Criteria Categories One – Three.