At St. Martin of Porres Catholic Primary School, we try to ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced education which is relevant to their needs, meets national requirements and will be enjoyable. 

Our curriculum includes: 
• Religious Education 
• Core Subjects: English and Mathematics,
• Foundation Subjects: Science, Computing, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music and P.E. 

Although the curriculum is initially divided into subject areas, much of the teaching and learning is integrated into a thematic or topic approach, since the child needs to understand and make sense of the world around him or her which is both complex and inter-related. 

It is expected that much of the curriculum will be about knowledge and the acquisition and development of skills. Each child will be encouraged to observe closely, to develop logical reasoning and be encouraged to make decisions and to reflect on past experiences when making decisions. 

English, including Phonics and Reading Scheme
The English curriculum, which follows the National Curriculum for English includes the teaching of speaking and listening, reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and drama. 

The development of English in speaking and listening, reading and writing is one of the primary concerns of the School. However, it is not limited to specific English lessons; there are many opportunities across the School curriculum. The children are encouraged to speak and discuss, to articulate their ideas and to express their points of view with clarity and precision. They are encouraged to read widely and avidly for pleasure and information. It is hoped that they will learn to read fluently and accurately with understanding and expression. 

Each child has a Reading Diary that encourages dialogue between the home and School about the child’s progress with reading. The children are expected to read at home each day for at least 15-20 minutes. All children are members of the School library and are expected to be members of the local library and to use it regularly. 

It is expected that each child will be taught to write legibly and that he or she will fulfil their potential in spelling, grammar, punctuation and handwriting. 

Written language will arise from a variety of purposes, such as the relating of personal experiences, stories, poems, descriptive accounts, letters and the ordering and recording of information. 

The mathematics curriculum, which follows the National Curriculum for Mathematics, encourages children to form mathematical concepts, acquire skills and to explore the ways in which these can be applied to every day situations. 

The teaching of mathematics includes using and applying mathematics; counting and understanding numbers; knowing and understanding number facts, calculating; understanding shape; measuring and handling data. It is hoped that through practical experience and discussion that each child will gain confidence and develop mathematical awareness at his or her own level of understanding. 

The School uses several published schemes as its foundation in the teaching of mathematics, the main one being Collin's Busy Ant Scheme. These schemes are supplemented by many other resources. 

All of the children, from the Nursery to Class Six, are involved with Home/School Maths.