St. Martin of Porres RC Primary School seeks to create a stimulating environment and a happy, caring community where each person grows in knowledge and love.

Our School Prospectus  will provide you with an overview of the life in St. Martin of Porres R.C. Primary School. It is a school where the children, parents, teachers, governors and parish community work together to create the best possible environment for learning. On your visits here, we hope that you will experience the real mission of the School.

Class Newsletters: at the beginning of each term, every class teacher will send a newsletter home which will outline the class’s programme for the term. You can also download these here. It will also suggest ways in which the parents can support their child throughout the term/year. You can also find information about ways to support your child's learning here.

School Policies: documents for policies including Admissions, Child Protection, Health & Safety and Safeguarding are provided as PDF documents here. Further policies can be requested from the school office.